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Types of Roses

Hybrid Teas:

When most people think of a rose, they are thinking of hybrid teas. Normally a hybrid tea has a large bloom at the end of a long cane. They are the most popular roses sold at florist shops. They are generally upright growing plants from 3-6 feet and the blooms come in most colors. Examples include Double Delight, Mr. Lincoln, St. Patrick, Veterans’ Honor, Gemini, and Brandy.


They are usually smaller plants with smaller blooms that tend to come in clusters though there are some where the bloom comes singularly. The cluster types make great landscape plants. Floribunda roses come in most colors. Examples include Iceberg, Angel Face, Playboy, Playgirl, Betty Boop, Honey Bouquet, Simplicity, Sexy Rexy, Tuscan Sun and French Lace.


The grandifloras are a combination of hybrid teas and floribundas with some one-bloom stems and some cluster blooms. Grandifloras (Gr) are tall elegant plants (6 foot height is not uncommon), which bloom repeatedly during the season. They generally feature clustered blossoms with stems, which are slightly shorter than those of hybrid teas. Examples include Queen Elizabeth, Gold Medal, Octoberfest, and Arizona.


An important thing to remember about miniatures is that the term “miniature” refers to the size of the bloom, not the size of the actual rosebush. The blooms can range from 1/2-inch up to 2 inches. Miniatures are very popular and can be grown in containers. The plants range in size from about 1-3 feet in height and some in spread. Examples of miniatures include Hot Tamale, Winter Magic, Harm Saville, Irresistible, Kristin, and Arcanum.

Shrub Roses:

This is often referred to as a catchall group. They are generally roses that are hybrids of species, or roses that do not fit nicely in other classes, also these are the HARDIEST for our area since most of them have their own root.

Climbing Roses, Ramblers & Sports:

Climbing roses are very vigorous roses that can grow to great heights. There are three types. Large flowered climbers (LCI) are more modern and have stiff canes and usually have good repeat bloom. They can range in size from 8-20 feet. The blooms come in many colors and can have blooms singularly or in clusters. Examples include America, Altissimo, Fourth of July, and Berries ‘n’ Cream.

The rambler types of roses are older roses that bloom once, usually in the spring or early summer. While once-blooming, most will be covered with blooms for a month or more. They are excellent for training on pillars, pergolas, and trellises. The canes are pliable, and the blooms are small and come in large clusters. Examples are American Pillar, Seven Sisters, and Newport Fairy.

The sports of hybrid teas, floribundas, and others, resemble their bush counterpart except for their climbing growth habit. These usually have an outstanding spring bloom, followed by scattered blooms later in the fall. Examples include Cl. Double Delight and Cl. Queen Elizabeth.

Tree Roses:

The standard tree rose has a 36″ trunk and full-sized flowers. They are very elegant lining a walkway or as a feature among other plantings. These roses are rose plants grafted on top of a tree stock and are not typically very hardy in Colorado unless you protect the “graft”.

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