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Hanging Houseplants for Any Light Situation!

Running out of space for plants on your shelves and sills? Look up! Just imagine all the available real estate for future hanging jungles. Indoor plants are really having a moment right now and there’s no reason to stop collecting your dream list just because you’ve used up your counter space. No matter what your lighting situation, we have a recommendation for you in our list of top ten!

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10 Amazing Aloe Facts!

Our favorite spiky green gem of a houseplant has a history spanning myriad cultures who used the plant’s moist middle to treat many physical complaints. Ancient civilizations, among them the Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, American Indians, and Meso-Americans, used aloe vera to treat everything from baldness and insomnia, to burns, wounds, and fever. Here are ten fascinating facts…

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Considering Containers

It’s the age of creative containers for your beloved houseplants! Designers are making stunning pots out of ceramics, metals, woods… and plant lovers are going wild for them. So wild, that we get many wonderful questions each day about sizing and functionality. Sometimes the cutest pot you’ve ever seen doesn’t have a drainage hole but don’t fret, we have some great ideas on how to solve that problem!

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Over the Rainbow Succulent Box

Can’t you just hear the Bluebird of Happiness singing a tune in this mini garden? Join us in planting your very own rainbow of succulents in a beautiful wooden planter box. Class includes plants, container, soil, rocks, decorative moss, and a sweet little bluebird! *Pre-registration required

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