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Pumpkin Cottage Mini Garden

Celebrate the arrival of autumn with this sweet pumpkin cottage fairy garden! Paint a house on the front of a little pumpkin and then plant a garden around it with tiny houseplants. Add decorative mosses, fencing, stones, and gourd figurines to complete this cozy fall scene. All materials and instruction included.

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Bringing Houseplants Indoors for Winter

If you let your houseplants vacation on the back deck or front porch this summer, then by early September it’s time to get them ready to move back inside for the winter. Letting your indoor plants spend their summer at “camp” is a great way to give them extra air circulation, increased surround lighting, and natural fluctuations in temperature and humidity. But when nighttime temperatures begin to dip below 50, have a plan ready for moving them back inside. Here are some helpful tips…

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5 Delicious Ideas for Zucchini

We know the story, it’s as old as time, of having too much zucchini! Maybe you were planning on losing a few plants to hail or rabbits and squirrels but all survived and thrived. And now you are leaving them on porches in the night, sending your child to their first day of school with armloads for the teachers, trying to use them as barter for your library fines… Trust us, you are not alone. So here are 5 ways to use your zucchini that don’t include bread or muffins!

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10 Perennials for Fall Color

From classic garden mums to less traditional autumn-blooming perennials, there’s a world of color opportunity for your fall garden bed! These eye-catching plants will take your garden through late summer, fall, and some even through the first frost. There’s no reason to think the color ends with the last days of August…

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