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perennial gardens

Plant Smarter with Plant Select®!

Here in the Front Range area we are considered both a high plains and an intermountain region. There is an expansive selection of attractive plants that thrive here while offering food and habitat for native wildlife. Thanks to the Plant Select® program, the selection has been researched and streamlined to take out the guesswork for you, the gardener!

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international rose test garden

Roses: What’s in a Name?

When shopping for roses for your garden you’ll notice there are different types listed on the labels. In a garden center like Gulley Greenhouse, the roses are even sorted by type for easier selection. Here is a quick guide you can use to choose which kind of rose is the perfect one for you and your garden…

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winter garden

The Importance of Winter Watering

Here on the Front Range in Northern Colorado, winters are getting drier with less snowpack. While this might be a great break for your snow shoveling muscles, your trees and shrubs are susceptible to lasting damage. Low humidity, low soil moisture, and dramatically fluctuating temperatures can wreak havoc on a tree’s state of dormancy. This goes for established trees as well as new plantings. What can you do? Winter water!

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Winterizing Your Colorado Garden

Now that fall has officially arrived, it is time to start getting your Colorado garden ready for winter’s swift approach. Because Northern Colorado’s winter weather is rarely predictable, gardening in our area presents unusual challenges. The fluctuation between cold and warm temperatures, dry wind, and snow can wreak havoc on even the toughest plants. By following these few simple guidelines, your garden will come back again once the warm rays of spring sun start to shine.

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