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Miniature Garden

Fairy Water Garden Workshop

Can’t you just envision a fairy steering their little boat through this magical waterscape? In this class we’ll plant a water-loving cypress in a mossy island and surround it with different types of tiny floating water plants. All materials, instruction, and care information included. You’ll even get a waxed paper origami boat to float upon your creation!

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Desert Terrarium with Succulents and Cacti

Create a tiny desert landscape for your home with our succulent and cactus terrarium! Along with design techniques, you’ll learn tips and tricks to keeping your plants alive and thriving. All the materials you will need are provided including a glass fishbowl, succulents, soils, sands and decorative accessories.

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broken pot garden

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Transform a broken clay pot into something stunningly impressive with this fairy garden. We’ll stack terracotta pot pieces and plant them with tropical houseplants to create a cascading garden. Add a fairy figurine and some cute decorations to complete your miniature wonderland. All materials, plants and figurines included.

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