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Moss Pole Workshop

The latest trend in mimicking your vining houseplant’s natural habitat is to create mossy poles for them to attach to! The plants we often think of as “trailers” are really more often “climbers” in the wild. We’ll create 24″ moss poles with sphagnum moss and bamboo, sink them in a large pot and plant it with a 4″ philodendron or pothos. Pole materials, plants, containers, and soil are included in class price.

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DIY Succulent Candle Centerpiece

Two of our favorite summer things– succulents and candlelight– are combined in this DIY project for an elegant centerpiece. In our most decadent workshop planting ever, you’ll receive twelve succulents, a 9″ square wooden box, specialized soil, decorative mosses and river rocks, glass candle holder and tall white pillar candle!

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Plants and Pints at Old Colorado Brewing

Raise a glass to mother earth and plant some succulents on Earth Day! Join Gulley Greenhouse at Old Colorado Brewing Company in Wellington for an evening of planting and beer! This class, provided by Gulley Greenhouse, helps guide you through planting a succulent garden, while learning care tips for your plants, all while enjoying delicious beer at Old Colorado Brewing! For $45, the class includes a wooden planter box, lots of succulent plants, soil, rock and natural decorations. Beverages not included in ticket price. Class size is limited so be sure to register ASAP! *An event for adults 21+

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Carnivorous Goth Garden

Carnivorous Goth Garden!

If your taste runs more on the Gothic side of fairy gardens, then this is the class for you! Join us and plant a glass fishbowl terrarium with a carnivorous pitcher plant, tumbled black glass, moss, and a headstone accent. All materials and aftercare instruction included.

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