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Fairy Water Garden Workshop

Can’t you just envision a fairy steering their little boat through this magical waterscape? In this class we’ll plant a water-loving cypress in a mossy island and surround it with different types of tiny floating water plants. All materials, instruction, and care information included. You’ll even get a waxed paper origami boat to float upon your creation!

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Mini Workshop: Kokedama

Join us to make your very own kokedama. Originating in Japan, Kokedama is a soil and plant-filled ball of living moss. Bound with string the ball becomes a sculptural art form and can be placed on a surface or hung. Similar to bonsai, these moss balls can live for years! We will be planting ours with a lovely houseplant. All supplies and instruction included.

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Fairy Gardener’s Living Wreath

Let your creativity fly with this DIY fairy garden wreath… We’ll supply the grapevine wreath, multiple air plants, mosses, decorations, and a little figurine friend for a fairy pet! This wreath is the perfect set-up for inviting a gardening fairy to visit. *Pre-registration required

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broken pot garden

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Transform a broken clay pot into something stunningly impressive with this fairy garden. We’ll stack terracotta pot pieces and plant them with tropical houseplants to create a cascading garden. Add a fairy figurine and some cute decorations to complete your miniature wonderland. All materials, plants and figurines included.

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