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10 Hoyas for Your Houseplant Haven!

Hoyas, also called wax plant or porcelain flower, are regaining popularity as beloved houseplants. It’s hard not to end up a collector as each one is uniquely different with foliage color, size, shape, and heavenly-scented bloom. If there’s a plant with the reputation for being one anybody can grow… it’s a hoya. They seem to thrive on neglect, preferring drought-like conditions, tight pots, and rare feeding. Once they’ve reached maturity they flower regularly and the scent is unforgettable!

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Houseplants are Great for Your Health!

While most people who love gardening in Colorado appreciate houseplants for their ability to add life to long winter days, few understand just how healthful it is to have these green beauties inside of the house. Houseplants have been shown to increase happiness, speed up the healing process and even lower blood pressure; all by simply adding a bit of calm and green to our indoor environment.

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Moss Pole Workshop

The latest trend in mimicking your vining houseplant’s natural habitat is to create mossy poles for them to attach to! The plants we often think of as “trailers” are really more often “climbers” in the wild. We’ll create 24″ moss poles with sphagnum moss and bamboo, sink them in a large pot and plant it with a 4″ philodendron or pothos. Pole materials, plants, containers, and soil are included in class price.

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