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Mistletoe Cactus Mount

Did you know that a Mistletoe Cactus can be mounted on a wall plaque? Just like a staghorn fern or any other epiphyte, the mistletoe cactus doesn’t need to be in soil to survive. We’ll be nesting ours in a pocket of sphagnum moss and attaching it to a 7″x7″ cedar plank. You’ll have a variety of Rhipsalis (mistletoe cactus) plugs to choose from, we like to put several kinds on one board! *Morning and afternoon class available, please take note of the one you register for!*

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Vanilla Bean Orchid

The Vanilla Bean Orchid

Everyone knows the scent and taste of vanilla… at the very least we smell it in perfumes and enjoy it in ice cream! But did you know that all vanilla comes from the fruit of an orchid? Of the tens of thousands of orchids known to the world, Vanilla planifolia is the only orchid to produce an edible fruit and what an amazing fruit that has turned out to be…

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houseplant group

Winter Care for Houseplants

Were you aware your houseplants sense changing seasons too? Although much slighter than in outdoor gardens, the changes in light and temperature do affect your indoor plants and can have fairly drastic consequences for some of the more delicate foliage. Here are some coping strategies to keep your houseplants happy this winter!

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Countertop Herb Garden

Plant an indoor herb garden that you can use all year round! In this class you’ll plant three herbs in a terra cotta pot and learn how to care for them. We’ll also show you how to harvest and dry your herbs and give some simple recipes for using them fresh. All materials included.

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