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Considering Containers

It’s the age of creative containers for your beloved houseplants! Designers are making stunning pots out of ceramics, metals, woods… and plant lovers are going wild for them. So wild, that we get many wonderful questions each day about sizing and functionality. Sometimes the cutest pot you’ve ever seen doesn’t have a drainage hole but don’t fret, we have some great ideas on how to solve that problem!

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Use Root Stimulator in All Seasons!

You know you're supposed to stop, or drastically cut back, fertilizing your plants between September and March to aid in their necessary dormant period. But, did you know you can work on root health all year long? Because root stimulators are a hormone that encourages root growth, rather than a chemical that forces plant growth, you can help your root structure become sturdier and ready for the coming season of above-ground leafing, blooming, and fruiting. What is root stimulator? It sounds like a fertilizer but isn't quite the same. It's a hormone (auxin) that is produced by young plants when they are forming their root systems. Indole Acetic Acid (IAA) is the naturally occurring form of auxin found in plants. Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA), which is synthesized IAA, is the active ingredient you'll see on the labels of commercial root stimulators. Why not fertilize your plants all year long? Fertilizers are... Read More

10 Hoyas for Your Houseplant Haven!

Hoyas, also called wax plant or porcelain flower, are regaining popularity as beloved houseplants. It’s hard not to end up a collector as each one is uniquely different with foliage color, size, shape, and heavenly-scented bloom. If there’s a plant with the reputation for being one anybody can grow… it’s a hoya. They seem to thrive on neglect, preferring drought-like conditions, tight pots, and rare feeding. Once they’ve reached maturity they flower regularly and the scent is unforgettable!

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Houseplants are Great for Your Health!

While most people who love gardening in Colorado appreciate houseplants for their ability to add life to long winter days, few understand just how healthful it is to have these green beauties inside of the house. Houseplants have been shown to increase happiness, speed up the healing process and even lower blood pressure; all by simply adding a bit of calm and green to our indoor environment.

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