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String of Turtles Terrarium Workshop- MORNING

MORNING CLASS Get ready for the cutest terrarium in town! We’ll take peperomia prostrata, commonly known as String of Turtles Vine, and plant it in a glass apothecary jar. This particular plant LOVES humidity so a closed terrarium is the perfect habitat. And to finish it off, we’ll add a beach scene complete with a sea turtle figurine! All materials, plants, and instruction included in class fee. *Pre-registration required

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DIY Mounted Staghorn Ferns

These unique, antler-like ferns grow wild on tropical trees. Recreate their habitat on a decorative plank of wood that adds style and green to your walls! We’ll supply the fern starts, hand-finished mounting board and materials, and guide you through the mounting process. You’ll go home with a beautiful living work of art and the knowledge to care for it. *Pre-registration required.

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Mini Workshop: Apothecary Jar Terrarium

Tiny is the goal in this great terrarium class! Using miniature gardening tools and finely sifted substrate, we’ll build a self-contained terrarium in a little apothecary jar. You’ll have three styles of jar to choose from and several colors of fittonia for planting. All materials and instruction included. *Since this event falls around the holiday season, we’ll have fun festive sands and baubles to give your a terrarium a theme if you like!

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