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herbal eye pillow

Sweet Dreams Herbal Sachets

Spoil yourself or a loved one with the sweetest of dreams with these handmade herbal sachets. Create your own blend of dried petals and stuff your eye-pillow size sachet made of beautiful fabric. No sewing experience necessary. All materials included for two sachets!

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bee house

Pollinator Palace

Boost your garden’s productivity by providing a happy home for peaceful, non-aggressive native bees. Smaller than honeybees, mason bees and leaf cutter bees are incredible pollinators… 20 times more than a honeybee! We’ll provide all the materials for your bee house, including nesting tubes, and natural materials like pine cones, grasses, moss, and bark. We’ll also send you home with a new-found gratitude for native bees! *Both morning and afternoon classes, please take note of which you sign up for!

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red worm farm

Red Worm Farm

Do you like worms? A worm farm is a fantastic way to minimize food waste by turning your organic kitchen waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants and soils. Worms eat organic waste and turn it into liquid fertilizer and worm castings, (the organic material that has been digested by the worms). We will provide everything you need to build your own red-worm bin, including worms and after-care instruction. *Morning or afternoon class available, please take note of which one you register for!*

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Build a Wooden Flower Press

Preserve the color and beauty of your favorite plants for years with your own handmade flower press. Leave the wood plain or paint a beautiful design on top. All materials are included and we’ll even have some spring flowers to start your collection!

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