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Container Gardening

DIY Burlap Mounted Hoyas

Our favorite way to mount houseplants this fall is in a cute burlap pocket! Using a 9″ cedar plank (with wire hanger), moss, burlap, upholstery nails and rustic twine, you’ll create the nicest habitat for your choice of hoya rooting. All materials, plants, and instruction included.

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podcast post

Gardening Podcasts to Inspire, Indoors and Out!

If you’re like us, you’ve constantly got gardening on the brain. You commute while thinking about gardening, exercise while thinking about gardening, clean the house while thinking about gardening, and even GARDEN while thinking about gardening! With thousands of topics covered in podcasts (free pre-recorded audio shows) it’s no wonder that there are many excellent gardening podcasts for inspired listening while going about your day. If you are new to the world of gardening podcasts, here are five of our favorites to get you started.

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The Basics of Fall Mums

With fall in the air, you might find yourself becoming nostalgic for the color of your summer garden. A great way to extend the beauty of your garden well into fall is to plant chrysanthemums, or “Garden Mums.” With their tightly packed, colorful blooms, the flowers last for weeks, not days, and the sheer number of buds per plant will convince anyone that this flower is a real autumn star!

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broken pot garden

Broken Pot Fairy Garden

Transform a broken clay pot into something stunningly impressive with this fairy garden. We’ll stack terracotta pot pieces and plant them with tropical houseplants to create a cascading garden. Add a fairy figurine and some cute decorations to complete your miniature wonderland. All materials, plants and figurines included.

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Outdoor Miniature Wonderland Garden

Plant a low terracotta bowl with perennial groundcovers to create a true wonderland for your patio. Or tuck it in a bright spot in your garden as a fairy surprise! We’ll provide an assortment of compact flowering groundcovers, 10 inch bowl, decorations and figurines for you to make a dreamy design.

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