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Soil Additives

Magnesium is a key element in chlorophyll production. It directly increases the uptake of iron and is most beneficial in the first 4-6 weeks of plant growth.

Sulfur promotes larger root growth, aids in chlorophyll production and gives new growth a dark green color.

Boron helps form healthy plant hormones and promotes maturity.

Copper increases sugar content to improve flavor of vegetables and intensifies color of flowers and foliage.

Iron corrects and prevents chlorosis (yellowing of foliage). A direct element in chlorophyll production, it gives plants extra greening power.

Manganese helps in production of nitrogen, organic acids, carbohydrates. Deficiency shows up as yellowing between leaf veins.

Molybdenum converts nitrogen into protein, a must for high nitrogen vegetables.

Sodium this effective substitute for potash helps create sturdy stems and stalks.

Zinc vital for maturity and seed formation, allowing plants to withstand lower temperatures (think of anti-freeze).

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