Ursula, the Earth Star Bromeliad

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Meet Ursula! Not many individuals can pull off the sea witch look but this plant is owning it. Her serrated, silvery striped leaves unfurl like octopus arms. Insulting her looks could end in disaster as it’s rumored she controls the wind, weather and moon. No way are we testing that legend! We’ll let this punk rock bromeliad do what she wants. Sea witches have more fun.

We recommend planting this plug in our regular potting soil.

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  • Unlike many other bromeliads, they grow in the soil. They are found on the rainforest floors in Brazil.
  • Water regularly but don’t allow the soil to be soggy. Earth Stars will thrive when potted in a medium that maintains some moisture.
  • To increase humidity, you can fill a shallow tray with pebbles and water or you can run a humidifier near your plant. Because Cryptanthus thrive in humidity and many varieties are lower growing, they are ideal for use in terrariums.
  • Too much direct sun can cause bleached or sunburned areas on the plant’s leaves. If your plant seems stressed and these marks appear, move your bromeliad to a spot with less direct sunlight.
  • Non-toxic to pets and humans.
  • Skill Level: Beginner

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