Benny, the Taco Plant Peperomia

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*Terracotta pot in photo sold separately.

Meet Benny! His life motto is “Tacos for All!” and he is not wrong. So many little rolled taco leaves on each stem. He is one bold, taco-folding individual! As a semi-succulent, Benny says please chill with the watering. But as a native to tropical climates, he loves humidity and would love his habitat to include a humidity tray or a daily spritzing.

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Special Characteristics:

  • Needs bright indirect light. Only place this plant in a southern or western window if it does not received any direct sun.
  • Considered semi-succulent so be careful not to overwater.
  • Loves humidity, does great in a terrarium.
  • Non-toxic to pets and people
  • Skill Level: Beginner