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Rose “Twilight Zone”

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  • Class Climbing
  • Zone 5-10
  • Plant Height 10 ft – 15 ft
  • Plant Width 6 ft – 8 ft
  • Foliage Color Light Green, Matte
  • Disease Resistance Cold Hardy, Good Disease Resistant
  • Soil Requirements Normal, Loamy
  • Flower Color Magenta, Pink, Rose
  • Bud Form Long, Pointed
  • Flower Size 4 inch diameter
  • Flower Form Double, High-centered, Old-fashioned, Rounded, Ruffled
  • Petal Count 30 to 40
  • Fragrant List Damask, Strong
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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in
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Shipping Information

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Rose “Mister Lincoln”

3 Gallon Pot; Grafted Root A historic American milestone in red roses that's still hard to beat. The large pointed buds and rich red well-formed blooms have a velvety quality that you must feel to believe. The powerful damask rose fragrance seduces even the hardest heart. Vigorous, tall and proud with long stems & dark green leaves.
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Rose “Double Delight” AARS

3 Gallon Pot; Grafted Root Starting out as attractive urn-shaped buds, the blooms open up to a full 5-inches, revealing creamy white petals brushed with a deep, rich red. And as stunning as the flowers are, they're just as fragrant, perfuming the garden (or your home) with a strong sweet and spicy aroma you're going to love! But the attributes of this rose don't stop there. Even without the sensational blooms, this hybrid tea is a real garden gem. The vigorous shrub grows to 4-feet high and 3-feet wide, offering good branching and covering itself in disease-resistant semi-glossy, dark green leaves. AARS Winner 1977
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2 Gallon Pot; Own Root Blooming all summer with its fragrant single pink, white-eyed flowers, 'Nearly Wild' is what hardy shrub roses are all about; vigorous, disease resistant and very easy to grow. Mass plantings give the best displays. Give it good air circulation for the maximum performance.
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Rose “Fragrant Cloud”

3 Gallon Pot; Grafted Root Large, full blooms of deep orange-red have a fragrance that will knock your socks off. The reddish tinted foliage is extremely resistant and persists long enough to give the plant an extra shot of starch that insures hardiness even in cold winter areas.
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Rose “Doris Day”

3 Gallon Pot; Grafted Root This cheerful rose will brighten up your day with bright, golden yellow blooms that pop against deep green, disease-resistant foliage. Not only does its color make your eyes smile, but its fruity and sweet spice fragrance will make your nose happy. This elegant, upright bush is 3-4’ tall and features high-centered buds that open to large, full blooms with old-fashioned rose form. It is continually blooming and the petals stay yellow until it drops.
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Rose “Purple Splash”

3 Gallon pot; Grafted Root Purple stripes… a whole new color in climbers! This rose blooms in even larger, more pyramid-shaped clusters of flowers & doesn't have nearly the thorns. Set these splashy colors against bright Granny Smith-green foliage & you've got a killer combo for any fence, wall or trellis. Vigorous, clean & free-flowering… it repeat blooms readily in the very first year. More stripes show up in cooler weather.
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Rose “Mercury Rising”

3 Gallon Pot; Own Root Mercury Rising is a seedling of the popular Hybrid Tea rose, Gemini. It has similar coloration and a great exhibition type flower, but it is much more vigorous with glossier foliage. Mercury Rising would make a perfect flower for cutting. Medium pink with cream coloring & a slight scent. Disease resistant.
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Rose “Edith’s Darling”

2 Gallon Pot; Own Root A true old-fashioned soft apricot-gold gem of a flower. Although diminutive in size, with a short, compact & bushy habit, rest assured that Edith's Darling is perfect to fill a border or confined spot in the landscape with a great flowering show of full-sized blooms with long lasting coloration. This darling of a rose exudes a strong fresh cut apple and fruity perfume.
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3 Gallon Pot; Grafted Root Beautiful, large, heavy cupped to high centered 6" blooms of golden primrose-yellow with soft rose-pink shadings on what is a strong growing continual blooming bush with large, rich-green, leathery foliage. AARS Winner 1946
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Rose “Hot Cocoa” AARS

3 Gallon Pot; Grafted Root There's just no other rose color quite like this. Pointed buds of deep rust unfurl to reveal a chocolate haze of velvety smoked tones that can even take on a purplish cast. Set against tons of glossy foliage, the ruffled fragrant flowers are mirrored by super-green leaves. Easy vigor and natural disease-resistance make it a must for every garden.
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