Piper crocatum

Piper crocatum
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Meet Oliver! He can’t wait to invite you to his house to see his extensive macramé collection. Not only did he weave them himself while humming Simon and Garfunkel, he also spun all the fibers to make the yarn and dyed them from flowers collected last year while road tripping the US in his VW van. You’ll know it’s his house from the tie-dyed tapestries hanging in the windows and the smell of patchouli oil wafting on the breeze. He’d love to invite you in to talk about the evils of modern day capitalism and its densely consolidated power structure while you snack on baked turmeric chickpeas.

We recommend planting this plug in our regular potting soil.

THIS PLANT SHIPS AS A 1″ FULLY ROOTED STARTER PLANT, AS SHOWN IN THE SECOND PHOTO. It will come wrapped in moss and tucked in a growers pot for safety. The terra cotta pot with the mature plant, shown in the first photo, is not included. If you order multiple plants, we put them together in one pot so they stay moist and insulated. If you think we haven’t sent the full order, please take out the plants from the pot first to count them.

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Special Characteristics:

  • Likes bright indirect light, no direct sun.
  • Water regularly but let soil dry out a little in between. Does not like soggy roots!
  • This tropical vine climbs by tendrils.
  • Toxic to pets and people.
  • Skill Level: Beginner