Nana, the Mother Fern

Asplenium bulbiferum
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Meet Nana! This mother plant is as nurturing as a fern can be. And her fernlets are the cutest lil’ babies! She grows them off of her fronds and when they are old enough, they drop down into the soil and root. Nana hen’s tiny chicks are guaranteed to make you smile. And with her carrot top-like foliage, she’s pretty sweet too! Let’s not forget the mothers among the wee babes.

We recommend planting this plug in our regular potting soil.

This plant ships as a 1″ fully rooted starter plant, as shown in the second photo. It will come wrapped in moss and tucked in a growers pot for safety. The terra cotta pot with the mature plant, shown in the first photo, is not included.
If you order multiple plants, we put them together in one pot so they stay moist and insulated. If you think we haven’t sent the full order, please take out the plants from the pot first to count them.

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  • Grows best in medium light. Can grow in indirect bright light but never place Nana in full sun.
  • Let the top of the soil dry out very slightly before watering; check frequently, especially if kept in a hot, dry spot. Mother Ferns like to be kept evenly moist, but not soggy.
  • Misting two or three times a week is appreciated.
  • Skill Level: Beginner