Monstera ‘Family Reunion’ Starter Pack

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This set includes one plug of each of the following:

Morris, the Monstera adansonii

Quimby, the Monstera siltepecana

Marlowe, the Monstera var. laniata

We recommend planting these plugs in our Aroid potting soil.

THESE PLANTS SHIP AS 2″ FULLY ROOTED STARTER PLANTS, AS SHOWN IN THE SECONDARY PHOTOS. They will come wrapped in spanish moss and tucked in a growers pot for safety. The terra cotta pot with the mature plant, shown in the first photo, is not included.

We root certain plants in sphagnum moss for greatest shipping success. When you go to repot your plant, carefully remove the growers pot and gently tease open the sphagnum and roots. If some sphagnum falls off, no worries! It can be discarded or added to your potting medium. If some stays attached to the roots, just let it be. Your roots will grow happily around it. We advise that you don’t overly mess with the roots, they don’t need to be picked clean. Questions? Message us!

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