Monstera deliciosa ‘Thai Constellation’

Monstera deliciosa 'Thai Constellation'
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Meet Nova! As the guitarist of a famous punk rock band, Nova makes you see stars with his chords, and with his looks. With his bleached Mohawk and his acid washed jeans, Nova could be stuck in the 80s, but he manages to break away and take fame to the next galaxy. The hottest thing to hit the scene in a while, Nova is a heartbreaker for sure.

We recommend planting this plug in our Aroid potting soil.

THIS PLANT SHIPS AS A 1″ FULLY ROOTED STARTER PLANT, AS SHOWN IN THE SECOND PHOTO. It will come wrapped in moss and tucked in a growers pot for safety. The terra cotta pot with the mature plant, shown in the first photo, is not included.

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  • Young leaves are elliptical and do not have fenestrations (splits in the leaves). As the plant matures, the leaves begin to become deeply incised along the margins.
  • Grows most vigorously in a bright, warm area (direct sun can cause leaf burn).
  • Likes regular water, somewhat drought tolerant, never let the bottom of the pot sit in water!
  • Wipe leaves with a damp cloth when they become dusty.
  • All parts of the plant are toxic to people and pets.
  • Skill Level: Intermediate