Espoma Tomato Tone 4 lb

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Espoma Tomato Tone is an organic fertilizer that creates plump, juicy tomatoes. It will encourage more flowers for the best fruit production possible. Proven to promote healthy plant growth, Tomato Tone contains 8% calcium to help prevent blossom end rot.

  • Can be used on all varieties of tomatoes as well as on fruiting crops like peppers, squash and melons
  • Apply around single plants or along each side of a row, at least 3 inches from the stem. For potted plants, apply evenly over soil and gently mix in. Apply 10 to 14 days after new plant has established, then twice monthly throughout the growing season
  • Cultivating the plant food into the soil around existing plants is not recommended as this can disturb shallow root systems
  • N-P-K 3-4-6