Espoma Bone Meal 10 lb

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Espoma Bone Meal is a 4-12-0 organic plant food fertilizer for your hungry plants’ needs. This slow-release fertilizer is an excellent source of phosphorus and protein!

  • Use Espoma Bone Meal on your bulbs, in your garden, around trees and shrubs, and on your flowers and roses.
  • Won’t burn you plants!
  • Bulbs and gardens share a rate of 10 pounds per 100 sq. ft. Rake well into soil. Trees and shrubs need 1 or 2 pounds raked and watered around the base, but this depends on the plant's size. Your potted plants will need 2 oz., or one heaping tablespoon, per pot, and work into the soil. Water thoroughly after applying.
  • Reminder: Alkaline soil won’t see any benefit because its calcium content is too high.