Ernie’s Rubber Duckie Aerium

Date: January 16, 2021
Time: 10:30 am
Length: 30 min
Location: Gulley Greenhouse


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Rubber Duckie, joy of joys! Take a step back to childhood as you build a “bathtub” aerium, complete with rubber duckie, blue sand, and soap bubble marbles. Add an air plant, sing a song, and off you go! All materials, plant, and instruction included.

Rebekah’s CRITICAL INFORMATION about classes in the time of Covid-19:

-Limit six people per class (no guests, each human body needs a ticket).

-Masks are required AT ALL TIMES and must be worn properly over both MOUTH AND NOSE.

-If you are unable to wear a mask for any reason, please wait to register for a class until there is no longer a widespread pandemic. There will be no exceptions for my mask rule.

-Chairs will be placed at least 6 ft apart from each other to satisfy physical distancing recommendations per the CDC.

-Gloves are always available, hand sanitizer/alcohol wipes are always available.

-I will be printing an instruction sheet for each student on how to put their project together. This is in case you have trouble hearing me through my mask. Then you can follow along easily.