Eko Organic Raised Bed Garden Mix 1.5 cf

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The popularity of growing plants in containers is rapidly increasing, and EKO Raised Bed Planting Mix is the ideal mix for all types of outdoor container plants. There is no need to add anything, just carefully place your plants, add water as needed, and enjoy the results of using a quality Colorado-made product. This planting mix contains everything your plants need for optimum health and vigor.

  • For use in organic gardens, raised bed gardens, or all types of containers
  • 100% organic and is comprised of EKO Compost, sphagnum peat, pumice, and dehydrated poultry waste
  • 4 bags of mix fills a 5’ x 4′ x 8" area. Seven bags fill a 10’ x 4′ x 8" area. Thirteen bags will fill a 10’ x 8′ x 8 area