Eko Organic Outdoor Planting Mix 1.5 cf

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Eko Outdoor Planting Mix is the ideal mix for all types of outdoor container plants. There is no need to add anything, just carefully place your plants, add water as needed, and enjoy the results of using a quality Colorado-made product that is 100% organic.

  • Made for planting boxes, patio pots, hanging baskets, window plantings, whiskey barrels, trees and shrubs- pretty much any planting or pot used outside!
  • For flowers, vegetables, perennials, place plants directly into planting mix, and water in. For trees and shrubs, when planting or transplanting after removing existing soil, place planting mix at a 2 inch depth. Place tree or shrub in the prepared area. Mix planting mix with 2 parts native soil and fill in around the root ball of the plant. Water-in
  • 4 bags of mix fills a 5’ x 4′ x 8" area. Seven bags fill a 10’ x 4′ x 8" area. Thirteen bags will fill a 10’ x 8′ x 8 area