Drosera nidiformis

Drosera nidiformis
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Drosera nidiformis is a beautiful tropical sundew that grows forming a rosette with green leaves and dewy red ‘hairs.’ If given bright, indirect light it will develop a lovely red/orange coloration. Try to keep the media moist, occasionally letting the the soil dry out a bit more if you’re experiencing problems with fungus. This carnivorous plant is wonderful at capturing gnats, fruit flies and mosquitoes! Great for beginners, this plant is an easy, small windowsill grower. Drosera nidiformis will produce a flower stalk that reaches high above the foliage consisting of several lovely pink/purple flowers.

We recommend planting this plug in our Drosera soil.

This plant ships as a 2″ fully rooted starter plant.

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  • Sundews do best in part shade to bright sunlight. They are well suited for growing on window ledges.
  • Water with distilled or non-chlorinated water. Avoid watering the crown of the plant.
  • Drosera generally do well in terrariums.
  • If your Drosera has little to no dew, increase light.
  • Feed your Drosera in the growing season, once every two weeks for robust growth and flower production. Use small gnats or small fish food flakes.
  • Toxicity: Sundews are non-toxic and safe for pets and humans.
  • Skill Level: Beginner

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