Houseplants for Cancer Signs: A Curated Set of Starters

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22)
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Cancers are the ultimate homebodies of the zodiac. These water signs will do just about anything to protect themselves emotionally and want their inner and outer surroundings to be soothing and cozy. They are highly intuitive so you’ll need to establish trust. Qualities to honor in your Cancer friends: Protective, caring, comforting, intuitive, and sentimental!

This set contains one starter size each of these three plants:
Pilea depressa Baby Tears
Alocasia ‘Dragon Scale’
Fittonia ‘Skeleton’

Each plant start comes with a personalized care card and a 3″ growers pot!
We recommend our Aroid Blend for the alocasia, and our Regular Potting Blend for the pilea and fittonia.

THESE PLANTS SHIP AS 1″ FULLY ROOTED STARTER PLANTS, AS SHOWN IN THE SECONDARY PHOTOS. They will come wrapped in moss and tucked in growers pots for safety. The clay pots with the more mature plants, shown in the primary photo, are not included.

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