Ashima, the Rhaphidophora Korthalsii (Shingle Plant)

Rhaphidophora korthalsii
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Meet Ashima.This girl’s got goals and they are literally straight up to the top of the world. A climber since the beginning, Ashima shingles her way up, placing one leaf after another, strategizing her ascent as she goes. You’ll want to keep adding more challenging heights as she is unstoppable!

We recommend planting this plug in our regular potting soil.

This plant ships as a 2″ fully rooted starter plant, as shown in the second photo. It will come wrapped in moss and tucked in a growers pot for safety. The terra cotta pot with the mature plant, shown in the first photo, is not included.
If you order multiple plants, we put them together in one pot so they stay moist and insulated. If you think we haven’t sent the full order, please take out the plants from the pot first to count them.

**Winter Shipping** Our plants are considered tropical and cannot survive for extended periods in temperatures below 40° F. Even if it’s warm where you are, remember that these plants are shipping from Northern Colorado! We require that you order a heat pack to add to your shipping box, this will help protect your plants from cold and frost. We will activate it as soon as it ships and it heats for 72+hours. Please understand we will not be responsible at all for damage due to cold weather if a heat pack is not added to the order. So, show your plants some love and get them a warming buddy!
(One heat pack is sufficient for a whole order)

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  • Grows best in bright, indirect light. Too much harsh sun can turn the leaves yellow.
  • Young plants may not have splits and that’s ok! As the plant gets older, the leaves will begin to split.
  • Loves climbing moss poles and wood planks!
  • Wipe leaves with a damp cloth when they become dusty.
  • Toxic to pets and humans.
  • Skill Level: Beginner