Planting Services

Gulley Greenhouse is proud to offer professional plant installation services for plants purchased at Gulley Greenhouse. We offer plantings on plants that include perennials, roses, annuals, trees, and shrubs. Our staff’s experience in landscaping and plants makes us a great choice for planting your garden vision. When buying plants at Gulley Greenhouse you can speak with our helpful staff and they will happily assist you and answer all of your questions about our planting services.

As part of our planting service, Gulley Greenhouse will contact and schedule for location of electrical, gas, and water lines. It is the customer's responsibility to clearly mark any underground cable or telephone lines. The planting area needs to be easily accessible and suitable for planting. Old tree stumps and root systems must be removed prior to the planting date.

Upon purchasing this planting service from Gulley Greenhouse, you are receiving an extended guarantee that will last one year from the purchase date. With this you understand that plants are living things and do require care. If a plant is given reasonable care and fails to survive during the period of guarantee, we will replace it with the same or similar species at no cost to you. Fulfillment of guarantee will be decided on a case by case basis. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by wild or domestic animals, or by acts of God. We reserve the right to revoke our guarantee in the case of intentional misuse of this guarantee. Please contact us if for more information or if you have questions.

Please note that we do not create landscaping plans. Our planting services do not include sprinkler or drip system installation, hardscape installation, removal of existing landscaping, or installation of plants not purchased at Gulley Greenhouse.

If you're looking for additional services like hardscape installation, landscape design, consultation, or installation, sprinkler install or maintenance, pond supplies, sod, or even where to get cut flowers, we have a list of local vendors for that!

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