Custom Grow Services


At Gulley Greenhouse we love plants and we are experts at designing and growing custom container gardens. A custom container garden is simply a pot or hanging basket designed by the customer or ourselves, keeping in mind sun and weather exposure. You choose the colors and plants for the container and we help with the design and planting process in our greenhouses to grow a beautiful finished custom container. Or we can create an exceptional masterpiece for you by choosing our own plant recipes and styles, either way your plants will look beautiful and ready for your garden or event.

Gulley Greenhouse Custom Services grow and design planters for individuals, municipalities, and organizations. You may have seen our Gulley Grown Containers around a few Colorado towns and businesses.

Planning ahead is key in the custom growing process. During the spring season, we can create custom planters within a week if no specific plants varieties are needed. Contact Us today with your questions and more information about our Custom Container Services.

Whether you are designing your own masterpiece or want to use one of our “Custom Recipes” we are here to help you create something unique and beautiful for your garden or event.

Custom Grow Plants

At Gulley Greenhouse we specialize in growing quality plants. If you are looking for a specific plant, please email us your request and we will happily get back to you with details about your order. We specialize in many types of crops that work well in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. Some of our specialties include:

  • Hardy and drought tolerant perennial plant varieties like Plant Select®
  • Edible plants like vegetables, herbs, small berries, hops, and other small fruits.
  • Annual plants for flower beds, hanging baskets and containers
  • We grow our crops in many sizes and finished stages, contact us to learn more

*Plant growing is about scheduling. While we may be able to find seeds and seedlings to grow an order, time and weather play a significant role in our final results, please allow time and plan ahead to order your custom plants. (Minimum quantities may be required)

At Gulley Greenhouse we strive in growing quality plants, if you are ready to order custom grown plants, contact us today for more details and for a free estimate

Let Us Do It for You

Bring in your empty containers or purchase one from us, bring your ideas, and let’s choose plants and colors together. Let us grow your project and care for it in our greenhouses until it’s ready for delivery.

Our steps are easy:

  • Fill out the form below
  • Be ready with ideas like images or plant likes/dislikes
  • Have your empty containers ready or purchase some from us
  • Set the date that you want your plants to be ready
  • Relax and enjoy Spring!

Ready to start? Let’s discuss your ideas.

Custom Container Inquiry

  • Let us know what your vision looks like! How many containers? Do you have them already? Hanging planters? Is this for a special event?
  • We're excited to talk to you about your project. What works best for you?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Want to try it yourself?

At Gulley Greenhouse we have put together some plant by number recipes that you can download to guide you in creating the most beautiful planters for your garden this spring. See them all in our Container Planting by Number posts!