Gulley Greenhouse offers a wide selection of services to help you with your gardening projects. We specialize in growing quality plants for different locations and uses. We also offer our gardening expertise to help you and your garden be more successful. Contact us for any questions you may have about our services or products.

We are here to help you accomplish your projects. Gulley Greenhouse has been helping gardeners and companies to grow healthy and beautiful gardens in Northern Colorado for 40 years.

But first, there are a handful of things we do not offer:

  • Landscape plans
  • Landscape installation (everything beyond putting plants in ready dirt)
  • Sprinklers
  • Tiger Recapture (please contact Wild Animal Sanctuary)

Jackknife Sharpening

If you have tools and other items that need to be sharpened, visit Jack DeNooy at our Garden Center. Jack will be at Gulley Greenhouse every Wednesday from 8am to 3:00pm. Check his prices and bring in your tools to Jack today!
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Plant and Bug ID

If something is bugging your plants or if a new plant “just grew” in your garden and you want to learn more about it we can help. Our experts at Gulley Greenhouse will identify those issues or plant varieties to help you control them or take care of them.
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Plant Care Services

Gulley Greenhouse & Garden Center offers many options of plant care for your green living friends. Our services are intended to help plants that look tired or need some care. Many times an easy fix is all that it takes to return a plant to health. If you have any questions about our services please contact us.

Planting Services

Gulley Greenhouse is proud to offer professional plant installation services for plants purchased at Gulley Greenhouse. We offer plantings on plants that include perennials, roses, annuals, trees, and shrubs. Our staff’s experience in landscaping and plants makes us a great choice for planting your garden vision.


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