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Options for Growing a Lawn

Sowing seed is the cheapest method of lawn production. Choosing seed is very important for the aesthetic look and health of lawn.

Make sure the seed matches the climate conditions and your own expectations. It is good to research your choice of seed for your particular site.
You need to decide what types of grass you want: fine or coarse-textured, slender or broad-leafed.
Feed the soil a week before the seed dispersal
Seed during early-mid September or April if the summer will not be too hot and dry. The topsoil should be dry with moist soil just below the surface. Use 5-8 lbs. per 1000 sq. feet.


Gently rake the soil in straight lines, distribute the seed (north-south, s-n, e-w, w-e), and add an extra 3” to each side of the lawn to fill in the edges
To protect the seeds from water shortage drag a rake over the area. To protect them from birds use bird repellants, but usually raking, a deep watering, a row cover and a mulch of soil pep will be sufficient in hot weather.
*Water well but not enough to wash the seeds away. Continue to water 1x a day if the weather is cool, or 3x a day if it’s a hot season, until new shoots appear(within 1-3 weeks). Keep the area moist but not soaked.


Core cultivation and aeration are key before reseeding. Use 3-5 lbs. per 2,000 sq. feet. Lightly rake or drag the seed into the lawn and irrigate well. Use the original seed that was used to create a clean, uniform appearance.

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