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High Light Plants for The Sunnier Side of The Sill

Light, light, and more light... If you've got it, flaunt it! These high light plants create a seamless indoor-outdoor vibe in a sun-filled room. Just keep an eye on the plants you place in these brightest spots. A "High Light" plant is not always a "Direct Sun" plant. So if you see some crispy tips or sunburn, move your plant back a little bit.

Ficus elastica 'Tineke'

Common name: Variegated Rubber Tree ‘Tineke’

Why We Love It: Peachy cream splashes on two-toned green leaves. Or are they green splashes on cream leaves? To whatever you see, we say yes please!
Light: Bright, indirect light with a smidge of direct sun. Watch for sunburn on this friend.
Water: Let top of soil dry between waterings.
Pet Friendly: No

Xerosicyos danguyi

Common name: Silver Dollar Vine
Why We Love It: Green coin-shaped leaves become thick and silvery as they mature. While it looks like a succulent, this plant is actually in the cucumber family!
Light: Very bright light, some direct morning sun is ok.
Water: Let the top inch or so of soil dry between waterings.
Pet Friendly: Yes

Rhipsalis baccifera ssp. horrida

Common name: Mouse Tail Cactus

Why We Love It: Epiphytes are this author’s true love and a cool new Rhipsalis is always welcome.
Light: Bright, indirect light. Some morning sun acceptable.
Water: Let soil dry to the touch before watering again.
Pet Friendly: Yes

Epidendrum hybrid 'Big Red'

Common name: Epidendrum Orchid ‘Big Red’

Why We Love It: Epidendrums are one of the easier orchids to grow and the bright red flower clusters on this one rock our world!
Light: Lots of bright, indirect light.
Water: Water when potting bark media begins to dry.
Pet Friendly: Yes

Ficus altissima 'Yellow Gem'

Common name: Council Tree

Why We Love It: A literal shining gem in your living room, this tree has gorgeous yellow and green variegated leaves.
Light: Very bright, indirect light. Watch for sunburn on this one.
Water: Regular water, dries out quickly in a warm sunny spot. But please, no soggy roots.
Pet Friendly: No

Crassula 'pastel'

Common Name: Tom Thumb Crassula

Why We Love It: This mini string of buttons blushes pink in the sunshine. One of the cutest little succulents we have!
Light: Lots of bright light, some direct sun.
Water: Succulent, so let the soil dry between waterings.
Pet Friendly: No

Cissus rotundifolia

Common Name: Peruvian Grape Ivy
Why We Love It: The thick round, toothy leaves climb around the room with delicate, curling tendrils. Great for training up stakes or moss poles.
Light: Bright, indirect light. A touch of early morning sun is ok.
Water: As the plant is semi-succulent, allow it to dry out moderately between waterings. Overwatering or excessively moist soil causes grape ivy to drop its leaves.
Pet Friendly: Yes


Saxifragra stolonifera variegata

Common Name: Variegated Strawberry Begonia

Why We Love It: Fuzzy green leaves are edged in cream and hot pink!
Light: Bright, indirect light. Will sometimes droop in the heat but check the soil before automatically watering, it might just need to cool off!
Water: Regular water. Make sure the top of the soil is dry to the touch each time.
Pet Friendly: Yes

Vanilla planifolia

Common Name: Vanilla Bean Orchid

Why We Love It: Everyone knows the scent and taste of vanilla. But did you know that all vanilla comes from the fruit of an orchid? Of the tens of thousands of orchids known to the world, Vanilla planifolia is the only orchid to produce an edible fruit… (Read more on our vanilla bean blog)
Light: Lots of very bright indirect light, no direct sun.
Water: Water when planting medium begins to dry. Root rot is a problem that is caused by overwatering and poor air circulation.
Pet Friendly: Yes

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