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Fertilizing and Caring for Your Lawn

Soil aeration
During early spring it is recommended that you aerate your soil, so air, water, and nutrients can reach the grass roots. This allows the roots to grow deeper and gives you a strong, thriving lawn all summer long.

Top dress with compost
By spreading a thin layer (1/8”) of compost over your lawn, it will improve the soil of your existing lawn and will reach down into those aeration holes where the nutrients are needed. Product Recommendations: EKO Organic Compost and Nature’s Prescription Compost are great for top dressing because they both loosen hardpacked areas and add billions of microorganisms, which “activate” your soil, allowing your lawn to absorb the beneficial nutrients that are stored in them.

Apply Pre-emergent
If you’re looking for a way to prevent weeds from infesting your soon-to-be lush, green yard, spread a pre-emergent herbicide over your lawn during March or early April (at the latest). This is to eliminate weed seed germination. When you apply a pre-emergent, you can also conduct the lawn’s first fertilizer application of the year. A lot of pre-emergent products will have lawn fertilizer included and will be listed on the front label. Product Recommendations: Espoma Organic Corn Gluten Meal Weed Preventer, Bonide “Maize” Weed Preventer, Bonide Weed Beater Complete, and Preen Weed Preventer.

Fertilize every six weeks
It is recommended that you fertilize your lawn every six weeks so it receives the proper nutrients to give it that Better Homes & Gardens cover look. By keeping a consistent fertilizing schedule, you will see superb results in your lawn within weeks and it will continue to grow stronger year after year. Product Recommendations: Richlawn Pro-Rich All Season Turf Food (14-2-5) and Richlawn 100 Organic (5-3-2). Richlawn’s Pro-Rich Turf Food is organic based with Dehydrated Poultry Waste (DPW), and slowly releases its nutrients throughout the growing season. It promotes a stronger root system, thick coverage, and if used routinely, it improves the hard clay or sandy soil textures. Their 100 Organic lawn fertilizer is OMRI certified, safe to use around children and pets, contains DPW, provides a gentle, slow release of nitrogen without the concern of burning, and it conditions your soil by adding organic matter.

To ensure your lawn receives enough water to survive our dry, hot Colorado summers, it is best to water your lawn 15-20 minutes a day, three to four times a week. Keep an eye on spots that your sprinklers may miss and adjust accordingly for full lawn coverage to avoid brown spots and uneven growth.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to prevent weeds from popping up in our lawn, they can find a way to sneak in. Product Recommendations: Bonide Weed Beater Complete Weed Killer, Fertilome Weed-Out Broadleaf Weed Control, and Fertilome Weed Zone are just a few of the many weed control products we carry.

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