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Container Planting By Number – Blueberry Pie

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Blues, purples, and hints of lighter colors (like the inside of a blueberry) make sitting on the patio with this container feel sweet!

This arrangement would be happiest in a fully shaded spot.

For a 15" diameter pot, you'll need:

  • 1-1 gal Spike
  • 1-3.5” Salvia ‘Blue’
  • 1-4.5“ Geranium Zonal ‘Coral’
  • 1-2.5” Helichrysum ‘White Licorice’
  • 1-4 pack Petunia ‘Blue’
  • 1-3.5“ Verbena ‘Purple’
  • 1-3.5” Calibrachoa ‘Soft Pink’

Like the design but not the colors? Try picking the same plants in different hues to make the pot more personalized to your style!

Not sure the shade is where you want your container? Ask us for alternative plant suggestions to create a similar feel.

Download this article as a PDF

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