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Common Diseases in Lawns

Most diseases are caused by parasitic plants (fungi), which grow best in cool, moist conditions. Plant the right kind of grass to help long-term. Eliminate insect problems as the cause, then purchase the correct fungicides (Liquid, Systemic, Fung-Away, Triple Action) or use products with Daconil.

Brown Patch mid-late summer, large irregular circles, edges look water-soaked. Occurs due to high temperatures, excess thatch and moisture, high humidity or over-fertilization.

Damping-Off(seedling lawns) seedlings emerge then collapse. Due to over-watering, excess nitrogen.

Dollar Spot (top right image.) spring-fall, small 2” circles that combine, fine white webbing may be present early morning. Due to lack of nitrogen, excess moisture and thatch.

Others – Leaf Spot, Powdery Mildew, Pythium Blight, Rust, Red Thread, Summer Patch.


Some lawn problems are caused by natural dormancy or environmental issues. They can be controlled if the proper procedures are taken.

Some examples of cultural lawn damage are:

  • Chemical Burn from spilled fertilizer, herbicide, gasoline, dog urine.
  • Dry Spots from fast draining patches, compact soil, missed watering.
  • Nitrogen & Iron Deficiency shows as slight yellowing, but if you already fertilized then it’s an iron problem (add Liquid Iron).
  • Other examples are low spots with bad drainage, scalping and dull mowing, trees in the lawn.
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