Commercial Jeepers Creepers

We are thrilled to offer our premium line of creeping ground covers, Jeepers Creepers®! Add these cute plants to your retail line and watch your profits steadily ‘creep’ higher!.
Our durable line of hardy Jeepers Creepers® perennials features over 75 varieties that are perfect for use as ground covers, lawn substitutes, or as edging plants for pathways and terraces. Many have colorful and unique flowers or leaves, offering wonderful design opportunities. Some varieties are cascading and can be used in mixed containers or positioned to spill over a wall. Other varieties can tolerate foot traffic and can be nestled within a flagstone patio.

This brand is nationally known and growing, come be a part of this program! The helpful website at has much more information available, as well as online ordering options. We grow our Jeepers Creepers® in 1204 trays (12-4packs per tray); the ideal size for the multiple ways your customers might use ground cover plants. Each pack includes an attractive and informative tag describing the plant and its culture. Your customers will have proven success and love the results when they plant Jeepers Creepers®.

Additional Merchandising Materials

  • Plastic Brochure Box
  • 50 Full-color Brochures
  • 23” x 45” Sign
  • Ladybug Mascot & Brochure Holder
  • 100’ of Benchwrap
  • Planter Box
  • Re-Plant Planter Box
  • Young Plants for Producers
  • Perennial Finished Plants
  • Young Plants for Producers