The hands-on classes and workshops at Gulley Greenhouse are a fun and creative way to connect with nature in an inspirational setting. No prior experience is necessary and specific plant care instructions will be covered in each class. Always all-inclusive, the classes will provide everything you need to make a fantastic creation. Some of our workshops include themed terrariums, aeriums, miniature gardens, bonsai, kokedama, succulent dishes, and more!


  • Space is limited to 6 students so please make your reservations early (no guests, each human body needs a ticket). Pre-registration/pre-payment is required.
  • Masks are mandatory AT ALL TIMES and must be worn properly over both MOUTH AND NOSE.
  • If you are unable to wear a mask for any reason, please wait to register for a class until there is no longer a widespread pandemic. There will be no exceptions for the mask rule.
  • Chairs will be placed at least 6 ft apart from each other to satisfy physical distancing recommendations per the CDC.
  • Gloves are always available, hand sanitizer/alcohol wipes are always available.

Upcoming Classes

Jan 16 10:30 am 30 min
Jan 22 2:30 pm 30 min
Vintage teacup planted with succulent plugs and decorative stones, class example
Jan 23 10:30 am 45 min
Jan 24 12:00 pm 45 min
image of three mini macrame pots with succulents, for class example
Jan 31 12:00 pm 45 min