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Chemical Applicators

Use separate sprayers for herbicides, pesticides, oil based sprays, etc. ALWAYS label sprayers so you do not mix different kinds of chemicals.

Air-O-Matic Sprayer (For wide areas)

  • Put in full strength chemical.
  • Adjust dial to number of teaspoons per gallon.
  • Attach hose and turn on water. Squeeze the trigger and the spray is mixed automatically.

Compression/Tank Sprayer “Back Reliever Sprayer!”

  • 1 or 2 gallon.
  • Use liquid or wetable powders.
  • Must dilute the spray first.
  • Always rinse out well after using.
  • Best type for herbicides.

Hose On Sprayer (Is best for fungicides)

  • First scale: fill chemical to number of teaspoons desired.
  • Second scale: fill water to number of gallons desired.
  • Connect to hose and turn on water.
  • Chemical will not siphon out until you hold your finger/thumb over the hole.

Spray Bottles

  • Use for premixed pesticides or small quantities.
  • Label with marker so people won’t mistake it for water.
  • Good for spot treatments.

Cyclone Spreaders

  • Great for large lawn areas.
  • Easy to set and use.

Ross Root Feeders (Our favorite product)

  • Used for deep root watering. Advantageous for trees because you get the fertilizer to the tree roots and not to the lawn.
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