Early Spring Planting

Spring is in the air! You can’t help wanting to join the birds outside and start planting your garden. It is possible to start planting well before the last frost date, even in Colorado! There are a number of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that you can plant outside…some of which even prefer the cooler temps […]

Sowing Hot Peppers!

This week we’re cutting the cold with hot pepper seed sowing! It may seem early but hot peppers grow a bit slower, so now is the time to get them going. We’ll cover all the nitty gritty, from soil needs, to light requirements and beyond. So get out your gloves and get ready to plant […]

Sowing Veggies & Herbs in Late Summer

Enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden later into the fall season by sowing seeds now! Crops that mature fairly quickly ( 10 – 12 weeks) can be tucked into empty garden spaces for lush autumn harvests. The number of days from seed to harvest is dependent on the variety of seed. Some mature […]

Starting Seeds Indoors

There are many reasons to start seeds indoors, not least of which is a way to cure spring fever! As well as being an economical way to garden, you will get to witness the miracle of seed germination and it is a great teaching tool for kids. Getting Started The first thing you will need […]

Starting Seeds

There is great satisfaction when you start your garden from seed. Watching your plants grow from seedling to harvest-ready is wonderful but it can be a very frustrating period if things don’t go as planned. We have a few tips if you want to start your garden from seed so your garden turns out just […]

Grow Your Own Lettuce at Home!

There’s nothing quite like the taste of freshly picked lettuce and with recent scares in the food industry, the thought of growing your own lettuce at home becomes even more appealing. Salad lovers, rejoice! Lettuce is easy to grow indoors all year long! As with most plants, selecting the best location for your lettuce garden […]

Deciding Which Seeds To Start

With the New Year comes the influx of seed catalogs. Looking through them, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the choices and the pretty pictures. There are flowers and vegetables, organic and heirloom- how does one choose between so many wonderful options? Help narrow down the choices by educating yourself in the different types […]