Winterizing Your Colorado Garden

Now that fall has officially arrived, it is time to start getting your Colorado garden ready for winter’s swift approach. Because Northern Colorado’s winter weather is rarely predictable, gardening in our area presents unusual challenges. The fluctuation between cold and warm temperatures, dry wind, and snow can wreak havoc on even the toughest plants. By […]

Fairytale Cottagecore Garden

‘Cottagecore’ has become one of our favorite aesthetics this summer, transporting you to a fairytale of billowing roses, stately delphiniums, and picnics in fields of lavender. Even in the city or on a balcony, you can create your own golden hour garden! Here are ten plants, a mix of perennials and annuals, that we love […]

Planting for Beauty and Privacy

If you need privacy in your yard but cannot install a fence, you still have plenty of options. We have a great selection of deciduous and flowering shrubs, evergreen shrubs, vines, and tall grasses that can help you turn your property into a secluded retreat. Evergreen Shrubs for Hedges Wichita Blue Juniper- Thick and full […]

Early Spring Planting

Spring is in the air! You can’t help wanting to join the birds outside and start planting your garden. It is possible to start planting well before the last frost date, even in Colorado! There are a number of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that you can plant outside…some of which even prefer the cooler temps […]

10 Blooming Perennials to Plant Now!

If you can work the ground, you can plant! You should still amend the soil and mulch, but otherwise it is perfectly safe. The only thing you must watch out for is that if your plants are blooming when you dig them in, be sure to cover them if it freezes. The plant itself will […]

Water-Wise Gardening

As a Western state, it is very important to know how to create a water-wise garden and grow plants that require less additional water. At the greenhouse, we hear that customers want to save water, but don’t want their yard to look like a desert. It is possible to reduce your water consumption and still […]

Plant Smarter with Plant Select®!

Here in the Front Range area we are considered both a high plains and an intermountain region. There is an expansive selection of attractive plants that thrive here while offering food and habitat for native wildlife. Thanks to the Plant Select® program, the selection has been researched and streamlined to take out the guesswork for […]

Top Things to Do In Your Garden… Early Spring

Spring is the time to begin thinking seriously about your garden. Learn some tips and solutions for many gardening problems. PREPARE YOUR SOIL Give your garden soil the energy it needs to sustain bountiful crops by preparing it now. Using last year’s soil without adding in new nutrients is like asking a racecar driver to […]

The Wonder of Roots

When we look at a maple tree in its autumn glory, or smell an eye-catching rose, or profess admiration for a friend’s lush philodendron, we are rarely as aware of the magnificent roots happening right below. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the hard truth for many gardeners, indoors or out, but the wonder […]

The Basics of Fall Mums

With fall in the air, you might find yourself becoming nostalgic for the color of your summer garden. A great way to extend the beauty of your garden well into autumn is to plant chrysanthemums, or “Garden Mums.” With their tightly packed, colorful blooms, the flowers last for weeks, not days, and the sheer number […]

November and December Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF Northern Colorado’s winter weather is rarely predictable. From warm sunshine, to frequent snow storms and freezes, the temperatures and the weather conditions in our area present unusual gardening challenges. In order to stay ahead of these challenges, flexibility is the key. Use the following tips to help guide your […]

September and October Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF We’ve wiped the sweat from our brow and now stand in a, hopefully, cooler sunshine! Yeah! Autumn has arrived. GENERAL GARDEN CARE There’s no need to fertilize any longer. It would be like having a cup of coffee just before you turned in for the night. Late season fertilizing […]

July and August Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF As you know, gardening can be a year-round challenge in the wild, wild west (aka the “Front Range”) so be prepared to give your plants a little extra TLC when the weather has been hot and dry for long spells. Many plants will burst with color and growth this […]

May and June Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF May is the month that our garden senses really start to warm up. We can hardly wait for the moment to view our garden fully planted! Of course, Mother’s Day weekend and the average last date of frost for Northern Colorado fall closely together around May 15. As we […]

March and April Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF Get ready for spring! The months of March and April bring much needed moisture, longer days and warmer overall temperatures to Northern Colorado. Like most gardeners, you may be itching to get outside and plant this time of year, but keep in mind that the average last date of […]

January and February Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF Temperatures typically dip to their lowest during the months of January and February across the front range. Average low temperatures for Northern Colorado range from 15-19F with high temperatures ranging from 43-47F. Additionally, our area is known for its ‘semi-arid’ climate. Combine low temperatures and dry conditions, and you […]

Insect Repelling Plants

Most herbs, aside from their ornamental and culinary uses, can also repel mosquitoes and other nasty bugs! Some herbs that you may already have can keep pests off of your patio. Though just having the plants nearby is not enough.For best effectiveness the plants must be crushed to release the repelling oils from the leaves and […]

Pest and Disease Control for Perennials and Roses

Download this article as a PDF Before considering any type of pest management, it is critical to identify the pest or disease before trying to treat it. Often times solutions exist that can control the pest or disease with simple environmental changes. Easy changes in watering schedule or application can affect plant health. To be […]

Beneficial Insects

Lady BugsEat aphids, mealy bugs & other soft bodied insects.Larva resemble tiny black alligators with spots.Release about 1500/750 sq. ft at dusk  and disperse with water.If ants are also present, wrap trunk with tape to prevent ants from crawling up. Praying MantisAre purchased in the form of egg case.Allow about 2 weeks of warm temperatures to […]

Containerize Your Yard

A Gulley primer to container planting Container gardening is a beautiful and easy way to animate your yard with color, fresh fragrances, leaf textures, sound effects, and fresh produce. As more and more people move into condominiums, townhouses, duplexes and apartments, container gardening may be the only way to combat little to no yard space. […]

Choosing the Right Perennial for Your Garden

Perennials for Hot, Dry Soils Hot, sun-baked soils are difficult places to plant. The following should be able to tolerate those kinds of conditions. Achillea Alyssum saxatile Antennaria Anthemis Arabis Artemisia Asclepias Catanache Cerastium Coreopsis Cytisus Dianthus plumaris Echinacea Echinops Eriogonum Euphorbia Gaillardia Gypsophila Helianthemum Hemerocallis Iberis semper. Iris, Bearded Kniphofia Lavenders Liatris Linum perenne […]

Knowing Your USDA Zone

Download this article as a PDF When you flip through any garden book or catalog, you are almost bound to see a little notation in every plant description about its “zones.” These can be mysterious for even an experienced gardener, since the zones given for any one plant may vary from book to book and […]

Drought Tolerant Perennials for Northern Colorado

Drought Tolerant Plantings, or Xeriscaping, describes landscaping or gardening with very little water. This is an important practice in our high mountain desert climate and is easy to implement in your own garden setting. Gulley Greenhouse is a grower and supplier of Plant Select, a registered brand based in the Rocky Mountains that specializes in drought tolerant plants.  […]

Dividing Perennials

Download this article as a PDF DIVIDE AND CONQUER A perennial border packed with interesting leaf textures and colorful, fragrant blossoms is truly a treat for the senses. Unfortunately, if your perennial plants are overcrowded, they must struggle to compete for nutrients and water while restricted air circulation creates conditions that foliar diseases and fungus […]

Common Perennial Plant Diseases

Types of diseases are Bacterial, Fungal and Viral. Some examples are: Bacterial Blight – small, dark, water soaked spots on foliage that enlarge, then brown and dry. Dried areas may drop out, leaving holes. Spots may be ringed with yellow or light-green.Bacterial Leaf Spot – small brown or purple spots on leaf surface. Entire leaves may […]

Common Insects in Perennial Plants

Careful site selection, soil preparation, adequate and proper irrigation and mulching are some ways to help plants resist pests. Some insect examples are: Aphids – many colors, pear shaped, winged, wingless. Leaves, stems and buds are distorted and sticky, also all females born pregnant. Beetle, Asiatic – long, brown, velvety. Leaves have irregular holes in edges. Beetle, […]

Weeding Perennials

Weeding your perennial beds can be challenging! We have a few tips and solutions that can help you get the job done faster: Remove weeds before planting with hoeing and weed controlling products.Mulch helps to keep weeds down as well.Make sure to remove the whole weed the 1st time. Don’t let weeds go to seed.A year-round weeding program […]

Fertilizing Perennials

Fertilizers provide nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) for your plants. This is the NPK ratio that you will see on bags or packages of fertilizers (ex: 2(N)-2(P)-1(K)). Make sure you know your plant’s needs before dumping just anything on them. Beware not to over-fertilize, which will harm your plants. NITROGEN: “N” Boosts vegetative growth (leaves and […]

Perennials: Basic Care

There are many considerations when purchasing perennials: Sun requirements, Soil, Planting, Water requirements, Mulching, Fertilizing, Weeding, Pests, Diseases, Seasonal Bloom Time, Design, and Dividing and Transplanting are some of the major considerations.At Gulley Greenhouse we are experts in growing perennials for Northern Colorado and Rocky Mountain Regions, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask […]

Rabbit Resistant Plants for Northern Colorado

Please note that all animals will eat anything and everything if they are hungry!Rabbits occasionally find the following plants less tasty: Annuals African daisy Ageratum Amethyst flower Brachycome California Poppy Cleome Dahlia Four O’clocks Gaillardia Gazania Geranium Lantana Marigold Mexican Sunflower Morning Glory Salvia Sedum Snapdragons Sunflower Verbena Vinca Wax Begonia Zinnia Bulbs Allium Crocus […]

Gardening Podcasts to Inspire, Indoors and Out!

If you’re like us, you’ve constantly got gardening on the brain. You commute while thinking about gardening, exercise while thinking about gardening, clean the house while thinking about gardening, and even GARDEN while thinking about gardening! With thousands of topics covered in podcasts (free pre-recorded audio shows) it’s no wonder that there are many excellent […]

10 Perennials for Fall Color

From classic garden mums to less traditional autumn-blooming perennials, there’s a world of color opportunity for your fall garden bed! These eye-catching plants will take your garden through late summer, fall, and some even through the first frost. There’s no reason to think the color ends with the last days of August…

10 Steps to Container Gardening

Add instant color and texture to any part of your garden, porch or balcony with the art of container gardening! Gardening in pots allows you to have gorgeous plants surrounding you, no matter how big or small your space is. Follow these 10 simple steps to make your very own paradise in a pot. 1. […]

10 Cold Hardy Succulents

Succulents bring to mind southern climes and hothouse temperatures but there are many cold hardy succulents just waiting for a spot in your garden! We’re sharing a showcase of 10 of our favorites that we grow here at Gulley Greenhouse… Cold hardy succulents will grow and bloom more profusely in full sun areas of the […]

Growing Hop Vines in the Garden

“Hops” is a popular word these days, especially here in Colorado. As well as being at the forefront of the craft beer industry, Humulus lupulus also makes an excellent vine for the garden trellis or pergola. Historically, hop flowers were used as a sedative and in elixirs. It wasn’t until the ninth century that hops […]

Protect Your Garden Against Springtime Freezes

When the air temperature dips below 25° F for at least four hours, it could wreak havoc on your emerging spring garden. The weather in Colorado is crazy, to say the least, and gardeners who live on the Front Range learn that long stretches of warm days can be followed by a dramatic dip in […]

Top 10 Perennials to Grow in Colorado

With all the different types of perennials, choosing the perfect one can be difficult, especially if you are new to gardening! To simplify matters, we have compiled a list of the top 10 perennials to grow in your Colorado garden! Salvia ‘May Night’: This vigorous plant is extremely cold and drought tolerant, and is well […]

The Language of Flowers

According to the Society of American Florists, an estimated 196 million roses were produced for the 2015 Valentine’s Day holiday. With over 75% of these being red, it is obvious that most everyone knows that red roses signify romance and love. However, roses are not the only flowers that have a meaning associated with them. […]