Winterizing Your Colorado Garden

Now that fall has officially arrived, it is time to start getting your Colorado garden ready for winter’s swift approach. Because Northern Colorado’s winter weather is rarely predictable, gardening in our area presents unusual challenges. The fluctuation between cold and warm temperatures, dry wind, and snow can wreak havoc on even the toughest plants. By […]

Use Root Stimulator in All Seasons!

You know you’re supposed to stop, or drastically cut back, fertilizing your plants between September and March to aid in their necessary dormant period. But, did you know you can work on root health all year long? Because root stimulators are a hormone that encourages root growth, rather than a chemical that forces plant growth, […]

Water-Wise Gardening

As a Western state, it is very important to know how to create a water-wise garden and grow plants that require less additional water. At the greenhouse, we hear that customers want to save water, but don’t want their yard to look like a desert. It is possible to reduce your water consumption and still […]

Top Things to Do In Your Garden… Early Spring

Spring is the time to begin thinking seriously about your garden. Learn some tips and solutions for many gardening problems. PREPARE YOUR SOIL Give your garden soil the energy it needs to sustain bountiful crops by preparing it now. Using last year’s soil without adding in new nutrients is like asking a racecar driver to […]

Improving Your Soil Structure

Improving soil is different from simply adding fertilizer. Although fertilizer contains key nutrients, these are used up fairly quickly, and it won’t do anything for the structure, or long-term fertility of the soil. For that, you need to add organic matter, and it’s worth doing once every year. Early spring is a good time to […]

Spotlight on Spring Lawn Care: Pre-emergents

Be proactive in your weed-control plan this year! It’s much easier to stop weeds from germinating than wrestling dandelions and crabgrass out of your lawn all summer. Pre-emergents that contain corn gluten meal, an organic alternative to chemically derived herbicides, suffocate and suppress weed seeds. A good rule of thumb is to apply your pre-emergent […]

The Wonder of Roots

When we look at a maple tree in its autumn glory, or smell an eye-catching rose, or profess admiration for a friend’s lush philodendron, we are rarely as aware of the magnificent roots happening right below. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the hard truth for many gardeners, indoors or out, but the wonder […]

How to Test Your Soil

If you are a gardener in Colorado, chances are you have stuck your shovel into the dirt and thought to yourself… Man, we have a lot of clay in our soil. But, do you actually know the true composition of your dirt? A soil test is the best way to check the growing potential of […]

November and December Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF Northern Colorado’s winter weather is rarely predictable. From warm sunshine, to frequent snow storms and freezes, the temperatures and the weather conditions in our area present unusual gardening challenges. In order to stay ahead of these challenges, flexibility is the key. Use the following tips to help guide your […]

September and October Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF We’ve wiped the sweat from our brow and now stand in a, hopefully, cooler sunshine! Yeah! Autumn has arrived. GENERAL GARDEN CARE There’s no need to fertilize any longer. It would be like having a cup of coffee just before you turned in for the night. Late season fertilizing […]

July and August Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF As you know, gardening can be a year-round challenge in the wild, wild west (aka the “Front Range”) so be prepared to give your plants a little extra TLC when the weather has been hot and dry for long spells. Many plants will burst with color and growth this […]

May and June Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF May is the month that our garden senses really start to warm up. We can hardly wait for the moment to view our garden fully planted! Of course, Mother’s Day weekend and the average last date of frost for Northern Colorado fall closely together around May 15. As we […]

March and April Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF Get ready for spring! The months of March and April bring much needed moisture, longer days and warmer overall temperatures to Northern Colorado. Like most gardeners, you may be itching to get outside and plant this time of year, but keep in mind that the average last date of […]

January and February Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF Temperatures typically dip to their lowest during the months of January and February across the front range. Average low temperatures for Northern Colorado range from 15-19F with high temperatures ranging from 43-47F. Additionally, our area is known for its ‘semi-arid’ climate. Combine low temperatures and dry conditions, and you […]

Common Diseases in Lawns

Most diseases are caused by parasitic plants (fungi), which grow best in cool, moist conditions. Plant the right kind of grass to help long-term. Eliminate insect problems as the cause, then purchase the correct fungicides (Liquid, Systemic, Fung-Away, Triple Action) or use products with Daconil. Brown Patch mid-late summer, large irregular circles, edges look water-soaked. Occurs […]

Common Weeds in Lawns

Controlling Weeds Apply herbicides when weeds are actively growing, on moist soil, and application should only be in infected areas (use a post-emergent). Don’t apply if hot or windy, don’t mow for 2 days. Post-emergent herbicides include: contact (kills weeds above ground), systemic (kills weed roots and is most effective), selective (kills certain weeds), non-selective (kills […]

Common Insects in Lawns

Sod webworm Most prominent in Colorado. Grass becomes sparse and dies out in large patches. Two generations each season. Dingy or gray worms with dark spots on backs. During the day they are on the surface in web tunnels and at night they emerge to cut off grass blades. White grubs Occasional infestations, white grubs […]

Fertilizing and Caring for Your Lawn

Soil aerationDuring early spring it is recommended that you aerate your soil, so air, water, and nutrients can reach the grass roots. This allows the roots to grow deeper and gives you a strong, thriving lawn all summer long. Top dress with compostBy spreading a thin layer (1/8”) of compost over your lawn, it will […]

Options for Growing a Lawn

Sowing seed is the cheapest method of lawn production. Choosing seed is very important for the aesthetic look and health of lawn. Make sure the seed matches the climate conditions and your own expectations. It is good to research your choice of seed for your particular site.You need to decide what types of grass you want: […]

Starting a Lawn from Seed

Get to know your yard Measure the area from north to south and east to west. Multiply these two measurements to get your square footage. Your square footage will determine how much seed, fertilizer and soil additive to get. While you are measuring the area you should also make note of how much shade and […]

Gardening Podcasts to Inspire, Indoors and Out!

If you’re like us, you’ve constantly got gardening on the brain. You commute while thinking about gardening, exercise while thinking about gardening, clean the house while thinking about gardening, and even GARDEN while thinking about gardening! With thousands of topics covered in podcasts (free pre-recorded audio shows) it’s no wonder that there are many excellent […]

Choosing the Right Tools for the Job

Using the proper tool for your garden project makes the job go smoother, faster, and safer. Though we use the words shovel and spade interchangeably they have different designs and serve different purposes. It’s the same story with garden shears. You’ve probably seen all the types of shears at your local garden center and thought, […]

Biologicals: “Good” Bugs for the Greenhouse and Garden!

Biological control is the release of natural predators to manage plant-harming insects. Biologicals help greenhouses and gardeners avoid the need to use pesticide sprays and dusts! Many beneficial insects are already in your garden, patrolling for (and munching on) unwanted pests like aphids and borers. You can also purchase sachets and egg cases of different […]

Late Season Lawn Care

Did you know the greenest, healthiest lawns are achieved with the work done in the fall? Follow a few simple steps now and even the saddest of lawns will be looking tip top next summer. Your lawn will benefit from fall care and you can dream all winter of summer’s lush landscape! Rake Your Leaves […]