The Basics of Succulent Care

Though they are quite low maintenance with their modest care requirements, succulents can seem daunting to indoor gardeners used to growing leafy tropicals. There are basic habitat considerations, as with all plants, but succulents are truly an optimal beginner’s plant and their beautiful colors and textures attract even the most well-seasoned houseplant enthusiast. Here are […]

Some Common June Pest Problems and Solutions

Are you beginning to see signs of unwanted pests in your plants? June seems to be the time of year when insects and diseases make their first grand appearance in the garden. Here is a list of some of the problems you might be encountering now and the solutions we recommend to keep your hard […]

Insect Repelling Plants

Most herbs, aside from their ornamental and culinary uses, can also repel mosquitoes and other nasty bugs! Some herbs that you may already have can keep pests off of your patio. Though just having the plants nearby is not enough.For best effectiveness the plants must be crushed to release the repelling oils from the leaves and […]

Pest and Disease Control for Perennials and Roses

Download this article as a PDF Before considering any type of pest management, it is critical to identify the pest or disease before trying to treat it. Often times solutions exist that can control the pest or disease with simple environmental changes. Easy changes in watering schedule or application can affect plant health. To be […]

Beneficial Insects

Lady BugsEat aphids, mealy bugs & other soft bodied insects.Larva resemble tiny black alligators with spots.Release about 1500/750 sq. ft at dusk  and disperse with water.If ants are also present, wrap trunk with tape to prevent ants from crawling up. Praying MantisAre purchased in the form of egg case.Allow about 2 weeks of warm temperatures to […]

Common Insects and How They Attack

AntAnts do not feed on plants but loosen the soil around the roots. They also care for aphids and feed on the “honeydew” secreted by aphids.Dust or spray the plants thoroughly with a powder solution. Make sure you spray the area of infestation at least once every 3 weeks until the problem disappears. AphidAphids are […]

Common Diseases in Lawns

Most diseases are caused by parasitic plants (fungi), which grow best in cool, moist conditions. Plant the right kind of grass to help long-term. Eliminate insect problems as the cause, then purchase the correct fungicides (Liquid, Systemic, Fung-Away, Triple Action) or use products with Daconil. Brown Patch mid-late summer, large irregular circles, edges look water-soaked. Occurs […]

Common Insects in Lawns

Sod webworm Most prominent in Colorado. Grass becomes sparse and dies out in large patches. Two generations each season. Dingy or gray worms with dark spots on backs. During the day they are on the surface in web tunnels and at night they emerge to cut off grass blades. White grubs Occasional infestations, white grubs […]

Common Disease Problems in Roses

For most diseases you can use a fungicide to solve or correct the issue, unless cutting back is the only solution. If you need to cut back your plants, clean your tool blade with rubbing alcohol to avoid the spreading of the disease. Powdery Mildew is from cool nights, warm days and high humidity. The leaves […]

Common Insect Problems in Roses

For many of the common insects you can use Triple Action or Safer Soap, a water based (a gentler product) to control the problem. If the infestation is severe you may want to use a systemic product on your roses and ornamental plants. (note: do not apply a systemic product on any edible plants) Aphids are masses […]