Shrubs and Trees for Mountain Communities (6,000 ft – 10,000 ft)

Check soil moisture and drainage, and make sure the sun exposure is correct for the plant. Be aware of the frost-free period. Plant shrubs in early spring, fall and summer planting should be avoided. Gradual exposure to more difficult temperatures will help shrubs considerably. Mulches help to delay freezing of the soil in the fall […]

Ground Covers for Mountain Communities (6,000 ft – 10,000 ft)

The ideal groundcover is one that will form a dense mat of roots and foliage, reduce soil erosion, exclude weeds, and have an attractive year-round appearance. Grasses are an option for cover but mowing or turf maintenance must be taken into consideration. Make sure to plant groundcover further apart rather than close together to prevent […]

Plants for Mountain Communities (6,000 ft – 10,000 ft)

Garden Flowers Gardens may thrive longer when placed in full sun due to a higher amount of solar radiation. Also, if the garden can be protected from strong winds it will last for a longer period of time. Since the season is so short the gardener should choose perennials and leave annuals to be placed […]