Considering Containers

It’s the age of creative containers for your beloved houseplants! Designers are making stunning pots out of ceramics, metals, woods… and plant lovers are going wild for them. So wild, that we get many wonderful questions each day about sizing and functionality. Sometimes the cutest pot you’ve ever seen doesn’t have a drainage hole but […]

10 Hoyas for Your Houseplant Haven!

Hoyas, also called wax plant or porcelain flower, are regaining popularity as beloved houseplants. It’s hard not to end up a collector as each one is uniquely different with foliage color, size, shape, and heavenly-scented bloom. If there’s a plant with the reputation for being one anybody can grow… it’s a hoya. They seem to […]

How to Build a Fantastic Terrarium!

As autumn puts outdoor gardens to bed, put your creative mind to work by building a tiny magical garden indoors. Terrariums are a great way to keep green in your life, year-round! Materials Glass container with lid Small pebbles Horticultural charcoal Indoor potting mix Terrarium-appropriate plants Fun decorations, accessories, and figurines Humidity-loving plants for your […]

The World of Epiphytic Houseplants

Epiphytes are a fascinating type of plant! In the wild they grow on tree trunks, in the forks of branches, on the sides of rocks, and even in aquatic settings. Common epiphytes are some types of ferns, orchids, bromeliads, and cacti. Because true epiphytes don’t require much soil, if any, they make excellent houseplants. Here is […]

Improving Your Soil Structure

Improving soil is different from simply adding fertilizer. Although fertilizer contains key nutrients, these are used up fairly quickly, and it won’t do anything for the structure, or long-term fertility of the soil. For that, you need to add organic matter, and it’s worth doing once every year. Late autumn is a good time to […]

Fall Bulb Planting 101

Nothing is more satisfying than planting dormant brown bulbs in autumn and seeing them emerge in late winter or early spring with fresh green shoots and glowing flowers. In Colorado, where winters can seem everlasting, it gives us hope for spring to see delicate tulip and daffodils poking through those late winter snows. Planting bulbs […]

The Basics of Fall Mums

With fall in the air, you might find yourself becoming nostalgic for the color of your summer garden. A great way to extend the beauty of your garden well into autumn is to plant chrysanthemums, or “Garden Mums.” With their tightly packed, colorful blooms, the flowers last for weeks, not days, and the sheer number […]

Bringing Houseplants Indoors for Winter

If you let your houseplants vacation on the back deck or front porch this summer, then by early September it’s time to get them ready to move back inside for the winter. Letting your indoor plants spend their summer at “camp” is a great way to give them extra air circulation, increased surround lighting, and […]

Sowing Veggies & Herbs in Late Summer

Enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden later into the fall season by sowing seeds now! Crops that mature fairly quickly ( 10 – 12 weeks) can be tucked into empty garden spaces for lush autumn harvests. The number of days from seed to harvest is dependent on the variety of seed. Some mature […]

A Taste of Summer Blooms

From bouquet to plate: Welcome to the delicious world of edible flowers! Many annuals, flowering herbs, and perennials produce blooms that are are safe, flavorful additions to salads, desserts, drinks, and more. Add flowers to rice spring rolls, sprinkle petals on your breakfast yogurt parfait or lunch salad, freeze blooms in ice cubes to brighten up […]

Planting Trees in the Summer

Coloradoans often get scared about planting trees during the hot summer months. The sweltering heat and oppressive dryness make people wonder if it would be better to wait until fall to plant. The truth is that trees’ roots grow fast during the summer and with just a little extra TLC, summer can be a great […]

Growing Tomatoes in a Container

Your chance to have fresh tomatoes from your own plants doesn’t have to depend on your yard space! Many of us do not have gardens or raised beds available to us but with some containers and a sunny spot, we can grow veggies all summer long. Tomato Types “Determinate” tomatoes condense their harvest into a […]

10 great shrubs for Colorado!

When planting a well-rounded landscape, you’ll want to add shrubs to fill in the vertical space between perennials and trees. Not only will this build visual interest, but shrubs also create privacy screens, block noise from streets, give the garden a focal point, and provide wildlife habitat. With so many shrubs to choose from, it […]

The best care for annual hanging baskets

Create blooming vertical layers in your garden and on your porch with colorful hanging baskets! They are a great way to bring color closer to the house. Because they are in a basket instead of the ground they do have different water and nutrient needs, but it’s possible to keep them gorgeous all season long […]

10 Shade Trees We Love

These 10 trees have stolen our gardening hearts this spring…

Roses: What’s in a Name?

When shopping for roses for your garden you’ll notice there are different types listed on the labels. In a garden center like Gulley Greenhouse, the roses are even sorted by type for easier selection. Here is a quick guide you can use to choose which kind of rose is the perfect one for you and […]

Early Spring Planting

Spring is in the air! You can’t help wanting to join the birds outside and start planting your garden. It is possible to start planting well before the last frost date, even in Colorado! There are a number of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that you can plant outside…some of which even prefer the cooler temps […]

How to Test Your Soil

If you are a gardener in Colorado, chances are you have stuck your shovel into the dirt and thought to yourself… Man, we have a lot of clay in our soil. But, do you actually know the true composition of your dirt? A soil test is the best way to check the growing potential of […]

Self-Isolation: The Plant Parent Edition

Self-isolating at home for the good of humanity? For the love of all that is still green, people, step back from the watering can. Here are five plant-centric activities for you to do that don’t involve overwatering your plants… 1. Scrub the mineral build up off of your clay pots! That white powder on your […]

Safest Non-Toxic Houseplants for Cats and Dogs

We get a lot of questions about which plants are safe to grow around your pets. Finally you can bring some green into your home without the worry! We do want to preface this list by saying that any plant ingested in large quantities can cause severe problems. If you believe that your animal is […]

Our Favorite Houseplant Instagram Accounts

With over 1 billion users and 100 million photos / videos uploaded each day, Instagram has rapidly become a wealth of information. We love it for the wonderful tips, tricks, and ideas that it gives to houseplant lovers such as ourselves. Whether you have a green thumb, or just love to look at green and […]

Waking Up Indoor Plants for Spring!

If houseplants could yawn, stretch their limbs, and look sleepily around like a bear coming out of hibernation, the end of February would be the time! Days are getting longer, which is noticeable to indoor plants, letting them know it’s time to come out of dormancy. Because you love your plants and are responsible for […]

Starting Seeds Indoors

There are many reasons to start seeds indoors, not least of which is a way to cure spring fever! As well as being an economical way to garden, you will get to witness the miracle of seed germination and it is a great teaching tool for kids. Getting Started The first thing you will need […]

Hanging Houseplants for Any Light Situation!

Running out of space for plants on your shelves and sills? Look up! Just imagine all the available real estate for future hanging jungles. Indoor plants are really having a moment right now and there’s no reason to stop collecting your dream list just because you’ve used up your counter space. No matter what your […]

10 Amazing Aloe Facts!

Our favorite spiky green gem of a houseplant has a history spanning myriad cultures who used the plant’s moist middle to treat many physical complaints. Ancient civilizations, among them the Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, American Indians, and Meso-Americans, used aloe vera to treat everything from baldness and insomnia, to burns, wounds, and fever. Here are ten […]

November and December Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF Northern Colorado’s winter weather is rarely predictable. From warm sunshine, to frequent snow storms and freezes, the temperatures and the weather conditions in our area present unusual gardening challenges. In order to stay ahead of these challenges, flexibility is the key. Use the following tips to help guide your […]

September and October Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF We’ve wiped the sweat from our brow and now stand in a, hopefully, cooler sunshine! Yeah! Autumn has arrived. GENERAL GARDEN CARE There’s no need to fertilize any longer. It would be like having a cup of coffee just before you turned in for the night. Late season fertilizing […]

July and August Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF As you know, gardening can be a year-round challenge in the wild, wild west (aka the “Front Range”) so be prepared to give your plants a little extra TLC when the weather has been hot and dry for long spells. Many plants will burst with color and growth this […]

Air Plant Care

Tillandsia, commonly known as air plants, are fascinating plants that are among the easiest indoor foliage to grow. But don’t be misled by the name, they do require more care than just air, especially if you’re looking for blooms! Light Air plants should receive bright, indirect sunlight or be placed under fluorescent home/office lighting. Periods […]

May and June Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF May is the month that our garden senses really start to warm up. We can hardly wait for the moment to view our garden fully planted! Of course, Mother’s Day weekend and the average last date of frost for Northern Colorado fall closely together around May 15. As we […]

March and April Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF Get ready for spring! The months of March and April bring much needed moisture, longer days and warmer overall temperatures to Northern Colorado. Like most gardeners, you may be itching to get outside and plant this time of year, but keep in mind that the average last date of […]

January and February Garden Checklist for Northern Colorado

Download this article as a PDF Temperatures typically dip to their lowest during the months of January and February across the front range. Average low temperatures for Northern Colorado range from 15-19F with high temperatures ranging from 43-47F. Additionally, our area is known for its ‘semi-arid’ climate. Combine low temperatures and dry conditions, and you […]

Insect Repelling Plants

Most herbs, aside from their ornamental and culinary uses, can also repel mosquitoes and other nasty bugs! Some herbs that you may already have can keep pests off of your patio. Though just having the plants nearby is not enough.For best effectiveness the plants must be crushed to release the repelling oils from the leaves and […]

Pest and Disease Control for Perennials and Roses

Download this article as a PDF Before considering any type of pest management, it is critical to identify the pest or disease before trying to treat it. Often times solutions exist that can control the pest or disease with simple environmental changes. Easy changes in watering schedule or application can affect plant health. To be […]

Beneficial Insects

Lady BugsEat aphids, mealy bugs & other soft bodied insects.Larva resemble tiny black alligators with spots.Release about 1500/750 sq. ft at dusk  and disperse with water.If ants are also present, wrap trunk with tape to prevent ants from crawling up. Praying MantisAre purchased in the form of egg case.Allow about 2 weeks of warm temperatures to […]

Common Insects and How They Attack

AntAnts do not feed on plants but loosen the soil around the roots. They also care for aphids and feed on the “honeydew” secreted by aphids.Dust or spray the plants thoroughly with a powder solution. Make sure you spray the area of infestation at least once every 3 weeks until the problem disappears. AphidAphids are […]

Chemical Applicators

Use separate sprayers for herbicides, pesticides, oil based sprays, etc. ALWAYS label sprayers so you do not mix different kinds of chemicals. Air-O-Matic Sprayer (For wide areas) Put in full strength chemical. Adjust dial to number of teaspoons per gallon. Attach hose and turn on water. Squeeze the trigger and the spray is mixed automatically. Compression/Tank […]

Herbicides and Weed Killers

Weeds are plants out of place. If there are plants growing in your garden that you do not want, use the information below to control them. Nonselective herbicides: Kills all types of plants. Selective herbicides: Kills either broadleaf or grass type. (Specific) Plants should be watered 24 hours before applying herbicide, and not again until 24 hours […]

When and What to Apply

INSECTICIDE destroys insectsFUNGICIDE destroys fungusHERBICIDE destroys herbaceous plantsMITICIDE destroys mites Many of the controls for pests need to be done early, before the “pest” is visible. Most of the pesticides do not perform properly at temperatures below 50 degrees F, above 95 degrees F, or if it rains within 24 hours of application. If using on edible crops, look […]

Spicy Lemon Balm Kabobs

Download this recipe as a PDF 1 clove garlic 1 large onion, sliced into chunks 1 leg of lamb, about 3 lb. boned and cut into 1 inch cubes 2 good handfuls of lemon balm leaves MARINADE 2 fl oz wine vinegar 1 tbsp brown sugar 1 tsp. ground coriander 1 tbsp mango chutney 1 […]

Grilled Chicken with Herbs

Fresh Rosemary, Thyme and sag blend with garlic, olive oil, vinegar and salt for a herb marinade Download this recipe as a PDF Ingredients: 2 tablespoons chopped Italian flat leaf parsley ¼ cup Olive Oil ½ cup balsamic vinegar 2 teaspoons fresh rosemary, minced salt and pepper to taste 2 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme 1 […]

Vegetable Varieties and Tips

Download this article as a PDF Download this article as a PDF

Overwintering Annuals

Annual Bulbs Did you plant any Dahlias, Cannas, or Elephant Ears this spring that you absolutely adore? Are you thinking about overwintering them? Here’s our quick guide on overwintering annual bulbs. After digging up the bulbs, place them into a baggie with shredded newspaper or wood shavings (something that will hold moisture). Moisten the medium […]

Containerize Your Yard

A Gulley primer to container planting Container gardening is a beautiful and easy way to animate your yard with color, fresh fragrances, leaf textures, sound effects, and fresh produce. As more and more people move into condominiums, townhouses, duplexes and apartments, container gardening may be the only way to combat little to no yard space. […]

Introduction to Fertilizers and Chemicals

Fertilizing doesn’t need to happen during the first month if the plant was purchased in a greenhouse. If the plant is a new seedling, wait a couple of weeks after sprouting to fertilize the plant. Beginning in the second month you can use just about any houseplant fertilizer for any plant. Watch for plant specific […]

Soil Additives

Magnesium is a key element in chlorophyll production. It directly increases the uptake of iron and is most beneficial in the first 4-6 weeks of plant growth. Sulfur promotes larger root growth, aids in chlorophyll production and gives new growth a dark green color. Boron helps form healthy plant hormones and promotes maturity. Copper increases sugar content to improve flavor of vegetables […]

Test Your Soil

Subsoil Drainage Test: Dig a hole in the garden about 12 inches deep and the diameter of a spade. Pour water in the hole to the rim. Refill the hole a day later and observe how long it takes for all the water to soak in. If the water soaks in within a few minutes, […]

The Key to Good Gardening Success

Organic matter Is best used as an amendment rather than a source of fertilizer. In addition to coarse sand, inorganic amendments include calcine clay products, pulverized volcanic rock, perlite and diatomaceous earth. Liquid products break the surface tension of water around the soil particle and allow deeper earth penetration. They do not increase the pore […]

Common Diseases in Lawns

Most diseases are caused by parasitic plants (fungi), which grow best in cool, moist conditions. Plant the right kind of grass to help long-term. Eliminate insect problems as the cause, then purchase the correct fungicides (Liquid, Systemic, Fung-Away, Triple Action) or use products with Daconil. Brown Patch mid-late summer, large irregular circles, edges look water-soaked. Occurs […]

Common Weeds in Lawns

Controlling Weeds Apply herbicides when weeds are actively growing, on moist soil, and application should only be in infected areas (use a post-emergent). Don’t apply if hot or windy, don’t mow for 2 days. Post-emergent herbicides include: contact (kills weeds above ground), systemic (kills weed roots and is most effective), selective (kills certain weeds), non-selective (kills […]