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Best Herbs to Grow in Northern Colorado

Growing herbs in Colorado is a rewarding experience. Herbs like the dry environment and if you keep their roots on the dry side, they will perform fantastic here. Beside using herbs in our kitchens, herbs are an amazingly effective way to heal common ailments…the natural way! Here are six common (and easy to grow) herbs that we think you will find handy to have right outside your kitchen door.

A tension taming herb that relaxes the muscles of the digestive track, with a memory boosting scent.

This classic herb is full of magnesium; promoting healthy blood flow. Its mild antiseptic properties help ease localized pain.

Packing more than 42 times the antioxidant power of an apple, oregano protects against heart disease and cancer.

Lemon Thyme
This citrus-flavored herb’s active ingredients are thymol and carvacrol, oils that relax the muscles of the respiratory tract.

This herb boasts a delicious dose of vitamins A and C which help prevent serious illness by foiling free radicals.

Dill is packed with carvone, a digestive aid that inhibits growth of spasm-causing bacteria in the intestinal tract. Also has a calming effect.

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