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10 Pettable Houseplants

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If you are one of those people who can't walk by a fuzzy plant without petting it... this is the list for you! Imagine filling your home with huggable plants! We certainly dream of it. Here are ten of our favorite hirsute houseplants:


Common Name: Purple Velvet Plant, Purple Passion Plant
Care: Bright, indirect light and medium water. The orange flowers have a strong scent which some find displeasing, so go ahead and pinch them off… the plant will put its energy back into producing fabulous, funky leaves!
Why we love it: From a distance, the tiny purple hairs on the green leaves look like the softest purple velvet.


Common Name: Trailing Velvet Plant, Monkey plant
Care: Bright, indirect light. Let the top of the soil dry to the touch before watering. Loves humidity.
Why we love it: The olive green leaves are velvety with soft hairs, and silvery veins provide a contrast to the dark green leaves. Undersides are a surprising purple! Blooms yearly with bright pink trumpet-shaped flowers.


Common Name: Strawberry Begonia
Care: Bright, indirect light. Water regularly but avoid getting water on the leaves to reduce risk of fungal issues.
Why we love it: Its bluish-green, fuzzy leaves resemble those of a begonia and it spreads like a strawberry plant with babies on runners.


Common Name: African Violet
Care: Moderate to bright, indirect light. Keep soil regularly moist but not soggy. Feed regularly for blooms. Avoid getting water on the leaves as this can cause spotting damage.
Why we love it: The velvety green leaves often have beautiful red undersides. The hairs on the leaves helps the African violet absorb water from the air! Blooms are clusters of pink, violet, purple, pale blue, white or bi-colored flowers.


Common Name: Cobweb Spiderwort, Gossamer Spiderwort
Care: Medium to bright, indirect light. Let soil dry out a little bit between waterings. Pinch back stems for a bushier shape.
Why we love it: High pettability factor! Cobweb-like hairs lend a delicious creepiness to the whorled green leaves. Blooms with striking, magenta pink flowers.


Common Name: White Chenille Plant
Care: Very bright, indirect light. Let soil dry between watering.
Why we love it: Not only do the leaves look frosty with white hairs, but the flower stalks and buds are “frosted” too! And when the bright orange lanterns of blossoms appear, this succulent is stunning.


Common Name: Panda Plant
Care: Very bright, indirect light. Let soil dry between watering.
Why we love it: Adorable, green furry leaves are tipped with brownish-red spots. As huggable as a panda!


Common Name: Angel Wings
Care: Bright, indirect light. Let soil dry between watering.
Why we love it: A sensational succulent with huge silvery white, velvety leaves.


Common Name: Bunny Ears
Care: Very bright, indirect light. Let soil dry between watering.
Why we love it: This one is for those who live on the edge of danger… because Bunny Ears cacti have glochids (tiny stiff hairs) instead of spines, many people are able to handle them without pain. Though some find a dose of glochids in the finger to be maddening. We’ll let you decide for yourself! The plants are adorable, regardless.


Common Name: Tillandsia tectorum
Care: Place in bright, indirect light. Mist often (this type of air plant does not like to be submerged).
Why we love it: This air plant is the fuzziest of all the tillandsia. Its whimsical appearance has made it a favorite of plant-petting enthusiasts!

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